How can Osteopathy help dogs?

Osteopathy can help dogs of all ages and many problems and conditions of the musculoskeletal system. If a dog is in pain, or has muscle or joint stiffness, it will show a change in how it moves, and maybe a change in behaviour. it may be reluctant to jump in or out of the car, or perhaps cry out when moving or when the sore area has been touched.


The aim of Osteopathy, as with humans, is to look for the underlying cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. By using very gentle techniques, tailored to the individual, imbalances between muscles, ligaments, tendon and joints can be corrected, thus restoring healthy functioning of the body.


What Osteopathy help with?

Accidents in the home or outside can result in trauma of the musculoskeletal system. For example, slipping on hard floors, colliding with other dogs, repetitive activities such as on/off furniture or in/out of high car boots. Osteopathy will help with the compensatory mechanisms a dog will adapt to deal with the pain as well as helping with the initial site of trauma.


Activities such as fly ball, frisbee and dog agility can cause problems if there has been an awkward landing, a collision with other dogs, or simply a muscle imbalance due to the repetitive nature of the activity. Osteopathy will aim to rebalance the dog, reducing pain, improving performance and prevent further injury.


Certain breeds show a genetic predisposition to particular conditions such as hip dysplasia in Labradors, disc prolapse in Basset Hounds. Along with care from your Vet, stiffness and pain can be reduced and imbalances across joints and muscles can be helped, allowing your dog to achieve more mobility and less discomfort.

Elderly dogs are likely to have osteoarthritic changes in their joints, just like humans. As each dog is treated as an individual, Osteopathic treatment will be adapted to suit the older or terminally ill dog to help it feel more comfortable and maximise it's ability to move. 

Tug of War

As an owner, you may be struggling with a strong dog possibly pulling on the lead, or lifting a heavy dog in or out of the car. Helen would be very happy to see you too, and her clinic for human patients is Wenham Osteopathy, near Rogate, Peterfield.